• For all subjects, regular mock tests are taken so that the students can assess themselves at every level.
    • After completion of the course, Numerous tests are taken of the whole syllabus to give the students an exam like experience so they can prepare to finish the exam on time.
    • All study materials will be provided by the Academy.

Air Navigation

  • Air navigation, including the use of aeronautical charts, instruments and navigation aids; an understanding of the principles and characteristics of appropriate navigation systems; operation of airborne equipment; practical aspects of air navigation and dead reckoning techniques.
  • Practical air navigation using radio navigation aids.
  • Use, accuracy and reliability of navigation systems used in departure en-route, approach and landing phases of flight; identification of radio navigation aids.


  • An Interpretation and application of aeronautical meteorological reports, charts and forecasts, use of, and procedures for obtaining, meteorological information, pre-flight and in-flight; altimetry. "Dgca Exam"
  • Aeronautical meteorology; climatology of relevant areas in respect of the elements having an effect upon aviation; the movement of pressure systems, the structure of fronts and the origin and characteristics of significant weather phenomenon which affect take-off, en-route and landing conditions; hazardous weather avoidance.

Air Regulation

  • Aircraft Act, 1934 Chapter 1, Section Short title and extent, definitions, the power to detain aircraft, the penalty for an act in contravention of rules made under the act, the penalty for flying so as to cause danger
  • Aircraft Rules, 1937
  • Rules of the air
  • Appropriate air traffic services practices and procedures.

Technical General

  • Theory of Flight
  • Airframe and Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Power Plant
  • Emergency Equipment
  • Subsonic Aerodynamics
  • Transonic Aerodynamics
  • Stability

Radio Telephony Restricted RTR (A)

  • Part 1-Transmission
  • Part II - Theory RTR (A) Exam is conducted by WPC in every 2 months. Professional Training includes -75 hrs of Instruction.
  • RTR (A) Exam is conducted by WPC in every 2 months.
  • Professional Training includes -75 hrs of Instruction.